Seachy takes requests……………………or at least good ideas……………

Yesterday’s blog got a number of comments and for the less confident me that I expose in my blogs they were lovely and overwhelming. I certainly didn’t write it to get any of those comments, and especially from some of the family and friends that I had blogged about so thank you. There was some well reasoned arguments (thank you Gail & Linda) and I know you are right, just somehow being the “burden” at such a young age meaning I will be for sooooo long seems in my head at least worse. Anyway I digress, I really just wanted to say thank you for your kind words.

One comment also got me thinking, and that was writing about how accessible or not places are that we visit/eat at/shop at etc, and I like the thought of doing this, especially having been fobbed off over tickets to a number of sporting and music events and then seeing the number of disabled people at said events massively underrepresented. It also follows a very positive email received from an attraction we hope to visit in the future with regards to disabled access and how much of the attraction wheelchairs can get round. So now I am wondering do I set up a separate blog for this or just a new category to this blog, see I told you I was indecisive and so once again (and pulling the new to blogging card) I ask you the readers do I need a whole new blog with a title making it easier to find or a category on this one?

3 thoughts on “Seachy takes requests……………………or at least good ideas……………

  1. I think it should be part of your main one, after all, inclusion and broadening awareness to a wider audience come as part of the territory.

    To encourage others to make the same considerations, and share insights with everyone would be a great idea.

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  2. This is such a good idea Seachy. I’ve often looked for independent views on such things but think venues have a tendency to be selective with their reviews. A rating system on ramps, comfort of seats, width of aisles, size etc toilets, weight of doors (the list is probably endless, and would need consideration of lots of variables) would be great. Add your own comments on your experiences and you’ll have another great blog. I also think it would be good if you could tag in the place being critiqued to make it easy for people to find.

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  3. Thats interesting but I would just make it a category. In my blog i go between writing about disabled situation’s like that and just current events in the world, hence why I call it the wheel world. Then had a byline “the world as I see it from my chair”. Maybe put a byline somewhere to encompass your blog’s central vision overall.

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