Wheelchair brakes are your ankles

Only a few words tonight, partly to prove that I can blog a short number of words, but mainly because my spoon count and internal battery read zero, needs charging and bed is calling!
Today we took a trip to a local park to meet a fellow spoonie and his family. It is difficult to do this on your own, as the proverb says many hands make light work and that is certainly the case when you have to take a variety of equipment everywhere you go in addition to training to take on Jess Ennis keeping up with the kids whilst you are out. I used my wheelchair as opposed to mobility scooter today as it is easier getting it in and out of the car and Eaton Park where we went has a decent network of pathways even if some could do with a visit from Dan, Dan, the road repair man! It was the first time using my new gloves and u have to say they helped no end, but then so did my friends LB pushing me.
After the park and because most people seemed to be at Wembley today for some random event we popped to sainsburys. Again using my wheelchair as the 25% off clothes meant my wife buying some for our LG whilst their is money off. She’s not yet 3 and we clothes for until she’s 10! It was whilst we were here that I was reminded of some news that I thought I should share.
If you walk in front of a person in a wheelchair there is a 99.9% chance that they will clip your ankles as 4 people can testify from their trips today. The reason for this is not because we are trying to get you to join our club but simply because our brakes are not designed to stop us immediately. Could you imagine if they did, instead of being clipped on the ankle you would have had 19st of man hurling towards like superman on crack as the chair pitched me out on top of you. They stop us from rolling once at a standstill and largely our hands slow or speed us up. Well certainly for me. So next time you are in a hurry to either nip to the changing room ahead of a disabled person or cut to the till or exit before them, after all we all know that extra 4 seconds of time you save is vital, do not glare at a person in a wheelchair for clipping your ankles apologise to him or her for making them use up some spoons by trying emergency stops! Failing this make sure you have some plasters for the inevitable cuts to the ankles.

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