Seeing the world through the eyes of children!

Today my wife and I took our LG to a fun play Gymnastics session at a local sports park. The kids get to run around and try all the equipment including jumping into the foam pit, swinging on bars and beams, bouncing on trampolines and sprung floors and climbing through tunnels etc. Anyway I digress and it is only the first paragraph.

Whilst waiting for it to start our LG was running up and down and shouting hello to all the other children and parents that were arriving. A couple of late stragglers from the earlier session were leaving and as the little boy passed me, he said as children only can in their QUIET indoor voice “Mummy look at that man”

I saw the panic in her eyes as she looked up and round and clocked me sat there in my wheelchair. Mumbling she said something incomprehensible to her child and carried on dragging him away, as he carried on saying “Mummy that man’s got, that man’s got what’s it called mummy, what’s it called mummy”

Then came the exasperated reply from his mummy of “A Wheelchair” along with the “it’s rude……..” but before she could finish the boy laughed and went “no the drawings on his arms”

Suddenly I had a huge beaming smile on my face, it wasn’t being in the chair that was so unusual to this little boy, even if it was the first thing his mummy saw, it was my tattoos.

Being a warm day I had a vest on and exposed were my two full sleeve tattoos, predominantly made up of flames and skulls. It was the artwork I get to display about 2 months of the year that was so intriguing to the boy and not that I was in my wheelchair. This really made my day, not only because the good artwork of my tattooist was what attracted the boy but also that it made me realise that if we all looked at the world through the eyes of children how much happier we could be??????

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