Roar or Whimper

It never rains it pours or so they say, and never has this been more true. I have been waiting for and looking forward to starting a Mindfulness course and today I was informed that due to unforeseen circumstances this course that was due to start Friday has been postponed indefinitely. Talk-about feeling like the metaphorical rug has been pulled from under me and I landed squarely on my back! Instantly pain, tension and fear gripped me.

I kicked in that network I have and had a couple of rants, and then rants about my rants, and then rants about ranting about my rants and not being more understanding and finally I blog! Phew what a relief to have found this as an additional part to my Pain Management jigsaw!

Having got over the initial shock and disappointment and chatted to a couple of people I know from the previous work that I have done on mindfulness that I cannot change what has happened I can only change my response to it. I was looking forward to being on the course with others as I know I flourish in groups and also I know that to have others to “compete” against on any level is good for the former sportsman in me. What I mean is that knowing I have been tasked with doing something in front of others gives me drive to ensure that even on my bad days I do it. This is a fault in me I know and something that I will need to work on, or maybe it is not a fault just something I need to ensure doesn’t stop me from achieving my own goals, or maybe I am just confused and rambling in my own opiate Shangri-La.

With the beauty of a few hours of sinking in time I now can reflect better. Firstly I know the people due to be running the course and if it had to be cancelled I know that there must be huge and important reasons for them cancelling it and it is not a decision taken lightly. Secondly knowing this I now worry that nothing bad has happened to them, I know how life can change uncontrollably and hope they are both well. Lastly I also know they are doing all within their power to accommodate the needs of us and ensure that we are not forgotten about.

Just another setback and crossroads in this world we call life but not an insurmountable one. I have many jigsaw puzzle pieces and although I do not hold all of them I know others who have some of the ones I’m missing……………………..expect a call from me soon if you are the proud owners of any of these puzzle pieces. So yes still a roar but maybe a little quieter than this mornings roar.

1st step a colouring book……….

2nd step my next task is to find a fun and/or positive experience to blog about next and help me get out of this rut……..

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