Postman Pat Delivers where Fireman Sam goes up in smoke.

I recently blogged about my disappoint in the lack of disabled people in Fireman Sam and in Pontypandy. Well having introduced our LG to a number of programmes from my youth (which I believe are much better than most of today’s random kids programmes) such as Fireman Sam, Thomas the Tank Engine and most importantly of all the Star Wars franchise (we’re currently sat watching Return of the Jedi) I also thought it was about time Postman Pat was added in to the mix.

Our LG loves anything with a catchy theme tune and having learnt the others she is now moving on to Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat. Now this has been revamped since I was little but not to the detriment of its original charm and animation. He now operates an urgent special delivery service whereby he has access to helicopters and motor bikes and all sorts. He certainly is a very happy man!

Most importantly in the revamping and  getting  this right is that one of the children who attend the school in Greendale is a wheelchair user, and it is refreshing to see that she whizzes along playing with the children and going on all the school trips, playing games and joining in all the local fun days out, making Greendale the most accessible village I know.

Top marks to Postman Pat’s animators and story board creators!

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