Oh what a night……………………

………………As I lay here on the sofa hoping the “sleeping” medication will soon kick in I can’t help but think what is it I am fighting so hard to overcome. I told myself I wouldn’t do politics or religion on here as you can guarantee you are upsetting someone somewhere but today it needed to be said,

On the one hand America has finally moved with the times over legalising marriage for homosexual couples in all states. Love the fact some of the locals are threatening to move to Canada where it’s been legal for years. Yet on the other hand there have been huge atrocities apparently committed in the name of Allah. I can’t believe any true followers of any religion can condone such atrocities and I wish the families of all those affected well.

It made me think that you work so hard to overcome the pain of everyday life and for what, to see your children grow up in a world that despite more peace talks than ever before seems more volatile than ever. Anyway enough of the doom and gloom.

My favourite programme came back on tonight and Adam, Alex and Josh put everything back in to perspective for me with their usual mix of humour and moral standing. I love #isitok, don’t be a dick, and the way they talk about their own disabilities/abilities and try to broach that gap between everyone. It helps me put into perspective my own grumblings and ramblings and reminds me of a campaign I thought would kick on much more than it did, the whole “Don’t Dis me I’m Able” campaign.

It is always good to remember to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t, and I know I am guilty of focusing on all I have lost as opposed to everything I have. The  Last Leg now in its sixth series gives me a little boost and lighthearted look at daily life and always improves my mind. Anyway I’ve rambled enough this evening about not much so will bid you goodnight, well good morning as it is now, sunrise has once again been and gone and I hope for a few hours kip before my bouncing LG comes and wakes me up with her demands of Fireman Sam or Postman Pat!

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