Out of the mouths of children………………………

……………………………..It is always dangerous to ask leading or stupid questions in front of children but time and again we do. It never fails to amaze me the simplicity and innocence of them. this weekend I have had the following conversations

Whilst sat on a chair pushing our LG on her swing she asked to get off and whilst I was opening her straps she hugged me and said “Daddy I Love you, you have superpowers”

Now to hear that when time and again I question myself as to whether our LG misses out because of my disability I had a beaming smile. Then my wife came outside taking the recycling rubbish to the wheelie bin. “Does Mummy have super powers too?” I asked. The response I got was “Yes Daddy but not like yours, Mummy can walk” Talk about build you up and shoot you down……. Now my LG obviously saw the change on my face and said “Daddy it’s good you have wheels to help you walk and different super powers” I’ll take that! I must continue not to be oversensitive, just because I am different doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Then at the pub yesterday our friend’s LB was looking very hot and had left his hat so I chucked him my flat cap, (with a head like mine you never leave home in the sun without one). He immediately threw it back to me and when I asked what’s wrong with my hat he said “Erm it’s for old people” I walked into that one!

This morning I was suffering from sneezes, now with my pain each sneeze was like a hundred punches hitting me at once, so much so that my body was actually spasming and stopping them mid sneeze at some points (a very weird sensation). Getting up and putting my tissues in the bin I commented that I had no idea where the sneezes were coming from. Our LG quick as a button responded with “From your nose daddy” can’t argue with that can you!

Finally at a family gathering this afternoon one of our cousins gave our LG a gift. It was a Doc Mcstuffins book and doodle pad. She loves this and was super excited, then once she had everyone’s attention she announced “Daddy doesn’t like it, he says it’s rubbish and that I shouldn’t watch it” – I wanted the earth to swallow me at that point.

I’d like to say that I will learn to watch what I say in the future but I know with my meds my mouth often engages before my brain, and it is always good to have these comments to look back on and laugh about.

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