Wimbledon weather……….can mean only one thing BBQ’s

BBQ season is officially upon us and that means it’s time to burn the knees again as I try to get my perching stool or wheelchair as close to the BBQ as possible to cook. You see I love cooking and I love BBQ’s and throughout my early twenties it was always me at the BBQ with all my mates drinking and laughing sitting around bringing me a cold one and it is another one of those taken for granted things that I can no longer take for granted.

The first one of the year was expertly cooked by my bro for my birthday in the forest, the first one that I am responsible for is arranged with a few friends this Saturday. It means I need one three things

  1. Some top tips on how not to burn my knees or other precious areas when maneuvering the chair/stool around the BBQ (I have to get close to flip anything)
  2. Some ideas of how I can pace the preparation a few days before and/or some recipes that are simple and easy for me to do in the slow cooker that will go with the BBQ in case our summer only lasts the next few days.
  3. Or should I just leave me guests to it………..

The last one is a bit cheeky especially when the friends who are coming over already do so much for me and are often responsible for pushing me in my wheelchair. I know I shouldn’t worry as our house is very much a help yourself to food and drinks and I wonder whether people really mind this. When I’m moping around like I am doing this afternoon I start to doubt myself and question this. Maybe I should just jump in the hot tub and ignore all pleas, however I’m guessing I’ll quickly be joined by four or five kids and burning my knees would suddenly become a more appealing option!

Any thoughts welcomed…………

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