I experienced a new low today………………………………

…………………………………not for me per-see but for human nature.

Now we all know the weather in Norfolk turned today and it pissed it down, the blue badge holders amongst my readers also know that in the small print of the highway code it says you can use disabled parking permit bays in said weather even though you can sprint to the shop entrances far quicker than the time it takes a disabled person to get out of the car using their walking aids, unload their chairs, scooters etc. If you have missed this small print it’s maybe because it isn’t really in there I jest!

However having left one local store today and our car being the only one of three with a blue badge I was a little pissed. Especially as I was somewhat daftly using the two short trips today as my 5 minutes exercise walking that I target each day.

We arrived at the next and final stop for to grab a birthday cake for my mother-in-law. In the time it took my wife to get out of the car, get our LG out and run to the entrance for cover I had just made it out of the car using my sticks and locked. A young lady (probably judging by the fading on one of her tattoos early to mid 20’s) pulled up in the disabled bay next to me and as she hopped out of her car I casually reminded her that she hadn’t popped her blue badge in the window. I wasn’t rude or aggressive, but perhaps there was a sarcastic tone in my voice. I certainly was prepared for the next two minutes.

Her reply was “I don’t fu@king have one, do I look like I need one like you” my reply was a very swift “Well don’t be so fu@king arrogant and park there then”

She hopped back in her car and quickly reversed out of her space and drove far too quickly for the car park to the end of the car park where the next free normal space was. I proudly thinking I’d done my little bit of duty for the day started slowly (the only speed I have nowadays on my sticks or any other mode of moving) towards the entrance where my wife and LG were waiting inside. Just before making it, and being very wet the same and I use this term loosely lady barged physically past me knocking my left stick and shoulder when there was about 6 foot of space.

To park in a disabled bay when you don’t need to is low, to physically assault a disabled person who challenges you is just …………………….well words fail me. I was fuming when I finally got to my wife and when speaking to my father-in-law later I made the comment had it been a man I’d have swung and put him on his arse (I think I may be overestimating what strength I have to throw a punch nowadays but still that is irrelevant to this story, and violence really isn’t my way of dealing with things hehehe). My outburst drew disapproving looks from my mother-in-law and wife as my LG was playing but I was so angry.

Upon reflection and having calmed down I know violence is never the answer, but she clearly did not, are some people beyond educating, are they so selfish nowadays that they care for no one but themselves? Is this therefore punishment enough? Since she had no respect for a disabled person should I have had no respect for her as a lady. Of course not I was brought up by a loving, caring mum who taught me write (pun intended) from wrong and I am instilling these same values in my children and hopefully everyone else reading this will do too.

If the lady who barged into me (and you know who you are) happens to read this I hope you have to walk just one day in a disabled persons shoes and experience the problems we face daily. I bet if you did you wouldn’t act like you did this morning………Shame on you!

8 thoughts on “I experienced a new low today………………………………

    1. Norfolk GB, I live in what was once a pretty little town when the only issue was having to get about on Pension Day as there were queues and special offers everywhere, now it seems we have become a large selfish town đŸ˜¦


    2. It’s Norfolk GB the town I live in was beautiful growing up and great for our children growing up now schools wise, but we are a retirement population and that has its own problems as they like to blame the youth for everything so the rebellious one rebel. I find far more people older than me who are rude and obnoxious to me in my wheelchair or scooter and less likely to hold doors etc. Some times my LG rides the scooter with me as it’s the only way I can take her out and about and then the audacity of some of them as I am constantly accused of “pratting about” whilst on it! I have to bite my tongue or my LG at nearly 3 would know every swear word going!


      1. thats crazy, there is alot of disrespect for the disabled these days. Anyway how is accessibility over there? im from Philadelphia, PA its ok here many places are good suprisingly never had encounters you described, people said/did weird things. I get prayed over and one time a stranger wanted to hold my hands haha


  1. I can well believe it. There is a distinct lack of respect for people these days. I sometimes wonder if I am weird because I hold a door open for someone or let a car out of a junction.
    I am glad you stood up to her mate. Good for you. I just hope that a very large bird decides to take a shit on her head. She is typical of the type of ignorance we have to face. I am afraid it will only get worse.

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  2. im glad you told off that 20-something for parking in the disabled space. i am not a blue badge holder, but i never park in those spots and i so often see others who are also not, parking there nonetheless. does it not occur to them that that is why they are painted in blue? with a wheelchair symbol in the middle of the spot? no, it is just because they think they are more important. bottomfeeders. yech.

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    1. I know how difficult it is to get one so abusing the use of them is wrong. I do always lead with the you’ve forgotten approach as I know not all disabilities (like mine) are not visible or blatantly obvious and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone else. This person just barked up the wrong tree today!

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