The Sci-fi geek in me treated myself!


I thought I knew exactly what I was going to blog about tonight. I have started a piece about my Pain Management Programme,  and the associated benefits.
Instead we find myself sharing about my inner geek and the love I have for all things Starwars.
I promise I will blog about the programme soon, especially as I know some readers have been on or offered places on their counties equivalents around the country.
Tonight I just wanted to share my new Sith Lord notebook and Lightsaber pen that I will be using for recording our support group meeting, jotting down my blog ideas and my to do list.
Really chuffed with this, plus future blog ideas written in the back already speedhumps, becoming the invisible man and pull tops on baked bean tins.

3 thoughts on “The Sci-fi geek in me treated myself!

  1. i have just nominated you for the Sunshine Award over at my blog, and have posted it as well, so you can find all the info you need to accept this, if you choose to. (Remember, its up to you )


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