The worst side effect for a relationship……………….

………………when on the concoction of medicines that I am on to help relax my muscles and reduce spasms has to be uncontrollable snoring. I have always been a snorer when laying on my back but a little nudge or poke would I am reliably informed make me move enough to stop this.

Unfortunately this is not the case when living with chronic pain, I cannot sleep in any position for long so I am now a constant fidgeter and mover and no matter how I lay I pretty much sound like a herd of water buffalo having a slanging match with a group of hippopotami over the last remaining water hole. This is regardless of me sitting up, laying on my side, my front or my back. This means on the odd occasion that I actually catch up on my sleep my long suffering wife has a night on the sofa. The result of which means she is a walking zombie the next day (she doesn’t do less than 8 hours of sleep otherwise she is like a bear with a sore head and we all don body armour until lunchtime).

On a serious note though this means we rarely go to be at the same time as I my wife needs to fall asleep first (her job means she does go to bed fairly early on what we call a “School night” which is 10-10.30) or she spends the whole night trying to smother me with cushions to muffle out the noise for the 3-5 hours I sleep. Not only do we rarely go to bed together but lay-ins together with aforementioned hippopotamuffalo is not a romantic option. So I have to time my sleep for when my wife is in her deepest dream state, it means we both get enough sleep to not want to murder each other. It does however cut down on the time we used to have to cuddle up and talk about our day or if anything was on our minds without the distractions of our kids, social media, and/or tv. At least after my last visit from occupational health I have aids so that I can get myself in and out of bed without my wife’s help so I can at least cut down the chance of waking her up getting myself in and out of bed.

Worst of all though when I am having a low ebb this results in me having even more time alone with my thoughts and over thinking and imagining the worst case scenario with everything.

I do of course jest and I hope some of my regular readers are getting to know my sense of humour, I mean everyone knows the worst side effect is terrible wind………………..

One thought on “The worst side effect for a relationship……………….

  1. that sounds really challenging, i mean, especially for a relationship. sounds like you both are very good at adapting to changing situations.


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