Pain Sapping energy

My next few blogs will be short and sweet, mainly because I’m working on part 2decidespain management programme and this is taking a while. It may actually become a trilogy as my new passion for writing has really been ignited. I have to at this point acknowledge and thank predictive text/spell and grammar check without which these blogs would make less sense than they already do.

I was asked this week what it is like living in my world, I wasn’t sure what ‘my world’ was meant to Mean. When I asked I was told in no uncertain terms that the person wasn’t looking for an argument and was just trying to make conversation and understand. At which point my response was my pain saps all my strength to even carry on the important conversations let alone one that started with my world like I was some sort of alien species. Yes it was a highĺpain day, and yes I probably could have been more understanding but the reality was my world that day had reached crash point so I decided to be honest. As I write I realise some people want the sugar coated response others want the truth So as my last spoon goes tonight on hitting publish I hope you all wake to less pain and more energy than I have!

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