An aid to a better life……….

……..I more often than not admit when I am wrong, however I seldom put it out in the public domain, I mean it’s not good for my reputation!
I must however admit that I feel incredibly sorry towards the community occupational health practitioner who came to my house and whom I have mentioned in previous blogs. On top of having to deal with a disabled person who would not admit his own limitations she also had to deal with several snorts of derision, eye rolling, phrases such as I don’t need that I’m not old/dying and many other comments between. Nonetheless she pressed on with going room from room and asking me to do little tasks etc and making notes here and there. She then persuaded me to take delivery of the numerous items I now have dotted around our bungalow, including the dreaded old man’s grab rails out the front.
Having spent a few days away from home I miss, yes you read that right, I miss my aids. For one thing it would make getting in and out of bed easier, if sleeping next to someone snoring like a water buffalo wasn’t bad enough my wife now hears me grunting like a warthog whilst getting in and out of bed.
I miss my shower stool, no more relaxing slow showers, it is now a race against time to get showered, dried and out and sat down before falling down.
I miss the frame around my toilet. I am learning incredible control over peeing so as to only go when urgent. As for a number two it’s a battle of wits against going too soon and my legs going numb whilst sat there and and not going quickly enough and having to explain that it’s not my LG that needs changing (fortunately it hasn’t got to that yet). Once sat down, trying to get up again is an absolute nightmare, I can’t lean on the little corner sink it will definitely come away from the wall, if you’ve seen the Irn Bru advert with the man in the train toilet you can picture me slinking off the toilet to get my sticks and shouting for my wife (my followers oversea Google it and you’ll see what I mean)!
Not having my steps or grab rail even makes the hot tub a far less pleasurable experience.
Finally being without my perching stool makes all sorts of tasks impossible. It may sound like I’m moaning but really I’m not. A few days away are good for the mind if not the pain. I would encourage you all to push for an assessment from community occupational health, listen to their  suggestions try them out and decide if they work for you. In no time whatsoever you’ll wonder how you survived without them before, and will miss them whenever you are away.

7 thoughts on “An aid to a better life……….

  1. Oh yes I hate going downstairs much more than up. Also I am petrified of down escalators and screamed when I was with my husband and it was the first time I had been attempting to go on one! I scared him and I ran (well not ran Lol] out the shop

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  2. Another very interesting blog, I had the OT’s round when I left hospital 7 years ago and they were great and I do miss the aids when staying away from home. Since we moved recently the stairs have not got any hand rails at all which as you can imagine does cause me a lot of problems. I had fully intended to contact someone to ask if we could have 2 hand rails put in with the landlords permission but still haven’t done so. Now my daughter is torn between living in Norwich or Lincoln, depending on where she finds a job, then we will be moving sooner than anticipated. So keep wondering whether to get these done or not. I do find myself standing at the top of the stairs for several minutes sometimes just because I am scared to put my foot on the first step down. I constantly have scenario’s running through my head of me falling down the stairs LOL x

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    1. I understand that totally, they recently assessed Jeremy and are putting some in for him, I’m sure if you asked your landlord s/he would be fine with it regardless of how quickly you move. I hate stairs, going down is worse than up for me! X


  3. Glad to hear appreciation for our Community Teams (I work for NCHC who provide the therapists who carry out home assessments for aids & equipment) so many people deride the work they do & do not appreciate it. Just one correction they are Community Occupational Therapists NOT Community Occupational Health the Community OT’s are always getting confused with Occupational Health & they hate it – they are two very different & separate disciplines. Occupational Health deals solely with supporting staff with health issues in the workplace and making recommendations to employers on how to support someone in the workplace & also recommendations regarding Ill Health Retirements etc., whereas Occupational Therapists deal with assessing people for aids and equipment too assist with daily living especially in & around the home whether that be for disability, rehabilitation, illness or simply old age. Two very different disciplines needing very different qualifications – I worked in Occupational Health for nearly 4 yrs before moving to Community Health administration.

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  4. I had exactly this experience with only one night stay at my parents. Bless my dad helped me in and out of bed, but boy did I miss the grab rails on my bed when trying to change position during the night. That was only one night, going to give some serious consideration to how I can make my holiday a bit easier now!

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