Day 1 – Positives

So begins the first day of the 2nd year of my journey of sharing my positives, this time through my blogs.

  1.  Had a lazy morning getting up, showered and dressed by about 11. Made up for the 2am wake up call from my LG wanting one of my made up stories before going back to sleep.
  2. Was my local towns Carnival today, we braved the weather and ventured down, and saw the delights of Peppa and George Pig and Olaf, oh and of course our friends A & M and their two children.
  3. Walked at the carnival today, probably no more than about 10 minutes in total spread over just over an hour and a quarter but still did it. ( was more out of necessity as crowds and my scooter don’t mix and my wheelchair has a flat, but I could have used these as excuses not to go )
  4.  Got to be super dad today, I may not be able to play in the same way I used to or keep up with the energy of my LG but when her helium orange balloon floated away today and the tears started (orange being her favourite colour) as my wife distracted her in the bakers getting some lunch I walked the extra 20-30 steps to go back to the stall and ask for another one, even getting a cheeky joke with the ladies blowing them up. When she came out of the bakers, still with a tear rolling down her cheek she looked at the balloon flapping around me in the wind and I told her I was super dad and had got it back for her. Tonight it floats above her bed and I smiled as I left her room saying goodnight to her. Little things mean a lot and this was one of them, if the damn thing goes bang in the middle of the night I will not be as happy as I am now!

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