Day 2 – Positives

So today has been a very wet, windy and miserable summer’s day, still good for the garden!

  1. Ably assisted by my wife doing all the prep work I actually cooked 3 Omelettes for us this lunchtime.
  2. Enjoyed tea with Grandad
  3. Whilst watching the Anniversary games this afternoon my LG said she wanted to race in wheelchairs against me when she gets older like the parathletes were doing – proud daddy there. We sat and spoke about the amputees and other athletes and how important it is to always make the most out of life. She might only be 2 and a half but she’s wise beyond her years. Proud daddy!

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Positives

  1. Perhaps not wise beyond her years so much as being given the opportunity to show how wise two-year-olds are. So many young children are not included in discussions because some people assume, wrongly, that they won’t understand. If the right words are chosen, they can understand a great deal!

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