Day 3 – Positives

So the day started with yet another early morning wake up call, this time to talk about big round robots, red monsters that pull your hair and flaming babies. Bonus point for whoever identifies the film influencing last nights dreams.

  1. My LG had a lovely play date this morning, there was lots of chatting and laughing, lots of really good sharing, some painting and now a keen interest in having a ride on quad of her own
  2. I had some good adult (as in grown up not rude) conversation, a lovely lunch made for me and some different scenery in my home town to see
  3. Had a family meal together all four of us for once thanks to some early finishes and changes in plans. The family that eats together stays together 🙂
  4. Shout out to my GP, we’ve had issues in the past over changes in meds but she was fully up to speed and had the prescriptions manager all primed so that when I went in today to organise my next switch (that will start Wednesday eek) it was as smooth as these things can go, even the chemists have been fore-informed, watch this space in the hope that my praise isn’t tempting fate!

Don’t forget bonus points for name that film……………

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