A change is a good as a rest part 2…………..

……………….having spoken to the head of the prescription desk and been introduced to the prescription team to be able to pick up my new tablets providing I have photo id with me, yesterday was D-Day. I took my last tramadol Tuesday night and waking up yesterday I started on my Methadone. As I always do I gave my wife the leaflet that goes through all the side effects to read as if I read them phantom effects can be known to manifest. I decided to start them on Wednesday as my wife is off and on hand. Stupidly in hindsight though this was not the wisest choice. As it is often the way on my wife’s day off that we have some sort of plan involving going out.

Yesterday was no change and the morning was spent at a local wildlife broad for a treasure hunt (powered by mobility scooter) followed by lunch at a local pub. In the evening I went to my support group so it was a full on day. Taking one of my other meds at 7pm yesterday at my meeting I felt my first bout of feeling squiffy, and spent 30 minutes in the fresh air preparing for the journey home. Getting home I spent the evening drifting in and out of sleep to the probable annoyance of my long suffering wife who was trying to talk to me.

This morning after my first early morning wake up call at 2.00am I got up at half 7 and was extremely dozy and dopey. I struggled holding a conversation and my 2 and a half year old was in my face a couple of times making sure that she was keeping me awake and looking after daddy. She took her job very seriously at one point slapping my cheeks with a chocolate bar she wanted for breakfast! Bless! After my wife left for work my parents undertook babysitting duties.

Today has been a very painful one, presumably as a combination of the after affects of yesterday coupled with one of my meds leaving my body at the same time as the new one enters my bloodstream. In addition to my normal pain today has been one with a constant headache, severe stomach cramps, being really docile and having really painful tingly legs especially in my calves and feet. Obviously not a pleasant day, and probably even less enjoyable for my folks who had to put up with sport on the TV and laptop whilst dozed, my Dad’s idea of sport and exercise is racing to the tv remote, whereas my mum learnt to hate sport having to wash 6 males sports kits on a weekly basis whilst I was growing up! The side effects were made worse upon me texting them to my wife and asking if I should be concerned. Her reply – “only if you are hard to wake, then they need to seek immediate medical attention” nothing to serious then, just a 999 call happy days. I have to say I thought she would be a little more concerned than she was, but getting home from work she was straight in our filing cabinet checking my life insurance documents she obviously does care after all hahaha!

So as for the old adage a change being as good as a rest, well the change is still in its infancy and is still under scrutiny, I knew a few weeks were going to be tough and I am hoping to reap the benefits in the long run, just getting there is not so good at the moment………………………

Going back to the 90’s and the good ol “Love is” series I pinched this off a fellow blogger today (apologies cannot remember which one if I could I’d give you the credit you deserve) this is for my wife, for whom taking care of me is a 365 day a year job. Also thanks to all my family and friends who keep me and her sane…………Love you all but not in the same way

love is....

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