Cabin Fever………………..

………………………it’s amazing having spent so many days at home over the past decade and more, you would think I would be used to my own four walls and the TV, yet cabin fever kicks in so quickly it just isn’t the case. I was home all day yesterday and the weather meant I didn’t even venture into the garden, by mid-morning today I was climbing up the walls. Well in my mind, my body was still lying prone on the couch. Even having company all day yesterday and today including the whirlwind of my LG I still wasn’t liking being stuck indoors.

Today’s trip out and highlight was a short trip to our local supermarket for a few provisions. Yes this really was the highlight of my day or so I thought. I know how horrible that sounds as a parent, my highlight should have been the cuddles from my LG, the giggles and silliness we had when putting her toy animals in a petting zoo (aka the Star Wars Dolls House) and I loved this, it makes a real change for me to have her at home and has been lovely (there are some benefits to being babysat by your parents at 37) but I needed some fresh air even after only a day and a half. Anyway we went to Morrison’s and I decided I’d be very good and take a short walk, we only needed a handful of things, none of which were far in the store, lightbulb, toothpaste, soap, mouthwash, kitchen roll, and bread I think that was it. Anyway I got back to the car and wish I hadn’t walked, the pain was making me sweat buckets and it was not easy getting back into the car (In a little aside and a follow on to some comments I’ve had I did count only 11 Blue Badge Bays as opposed to 12 Parent and Toddler ones, also when we left all blue badge bays were full and 4 parent and toddler ones were empty. Still there were at least 2 cars not displaying badges………..), I digress. Still despite the spike in pain the fresh air was welcome and it was nice to get out and about for a brief while.

It is silly how easily you can crave the outdoors and a change of scenery so quickly but when you have lost more years than you care to remember being at home and stuck it easily happens, and this on a day when England were winning the third ashes test and I had company! Seriously Seachy pull yourself together………….

After the enjoyment of a shop my day was further brightened following a photo of two puppies, two “young” ladies and two “old” but brilliant friends. The landlord of a local pub The Banham Garden House (check it out) is a good friend who I do not see anywhere near as often as I wish I did. He was a bit of a saviour to me after my accident letting me stay in another pub he was then landlord of and enabling me to be frequented by lots of friends. The one travels all over as a Rigger. Well the upshot of all this rambling was that he will be rigging a local theatre for a production of Dirty Dancing (my wife’s favourite and a show we have seen in London) at the end of august after which he will be picking me up and taking me to see the other old friend for a night of catching up and shenanigans. Better get my positives in early that day! Where do the puppies fit in, well all this as a result of a photo on social media, I would explain further but it would only confuse you and me more.

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