Day 9 – Positives

As is usually the case, the weekends go far too quickly and all too soon that Sunday night feeling is creeping up on my wife, the ironing is being done and a cheesy film is on Netflix. Vote Seachy for PM and I’ll put forward the concept of a 2 day week and a 5 day weekend it has to be a vote winner.

  1. Saw granny with the white hair and took her out for lunch today (she wasn’t her normal self, but at 91 years young you are allowed sometimes to have a bad day). It was also good to talk to her and help her understand that a wheelchair is a minor inconvenience compared to everything I need.
  2. Once again the sun was shining and my spirits were lifted
  3. My amazing wife cleaned out the inside of the hot tub this evening, so it is once again full and heating up, this time tomorrow I will be floating in 38 degrees of heaven once more
  4. Lovely catch up with my little brother on the phone this evening, looking forward to seeing you all in person next week

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