Day 10 – Positives

Double figures of the second year seem to have come round much quicker then they did in the first year, perhaps I’m just a bit more positive about them and myself than in recent months so finding them enjoyable once more.

  1. Enjoyed an early morning cuppa with N & A and the birthday boy celebrating his 9th Birthday. My LG was on a crazy high as she always is when we visit.
  2. Surprised my wife with a family lunch by a local broad near where she works, she has a stressful job in safeguarding so little things that I can still do to show her how much she means to me and our family are very important. We had a lovely lunch even with our 18 year old gracing us with his company
  3. Spent the afternoon at home with my little brother and two of his children playing with my LG. Life all to often takes over, especially when with my pain I hide and try to not impose on others so we hadn’t had a good catch up in far too long. Our children love playing together and we have always been really close so I have missed them.
  4. About to get my weekly fix of Tattoo Fixers, I’d love Sketch or Lou to do some work on me!

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