Taking a walk over to the darkside of the force……………..

……………………………….I am an avid Star Wars fan and have a countdown to the new movie coming out at the end of this year. My LG is being trained as my Youngling and she too loves her Star Wars toys (a lot of which have been handed down by me and her big brother). The top trumps are educational and she knows lesser known characters such as Mon Mothma and Salacious Crumb, and when asked by my wife recently what planet one of her toys looked like her answer was Tattooine, to me this is an epic parenting win (not sure my wife agrees). Anyway as we enter a period of the terrible two’s and our little one is testing the boundaries it is not this that is influencing her behaviour, no it is Disney’s Jungle Book and 101 Dalmatians.

She wants to shadow box like Baloo not understanding when this is and isn’t appropriate, will call you a big oaf like Shere Khan and shouts you crazy woman driver like the van driver does to Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians. It is hard to address and tell her not to when it is so funny inside but set boundaries we must. Her understanding and vocabulary is excellent and far beyond her tender years, she comes out with some corkers and excellent phrases, however she is also becoming increasingly confused and frustrated. Today she told me she wanted me to be Cruella De Vil, quite an insult. Anyway having questioned her further it turns out she wants this to be the case because in her DVD Cruella crashes her car twice and drives like a crazy woman but escapes the film unhurt, as do Jasper and Horace. Her logic was telling her if I was Cruella I would have escaped my car accident without my injuries and disability and would be able to play with her more. Trying to explain the difference between films and real life not so easy.

So we continue to reward her positive behaviour and discourage her from being led astray by Walt Disney hahaha! Fingers crossed we will be able to watch episode 7 together and it will help me find some more characters to teach her about and to incorporate into my back piece. I can’t help but wonder through all this as to whether I should be more concerned over our LG’s choice of favourite film characters. Darth Vader, Cruella De Vil, Incrediboy the evil geniuses, and I can’t help but feel that she is in someway responsible for the disappearance of my beard trimmers having told me last time I cut it too short, they are now nowhere to be seen.

Finally if you have ever wondered where the galactic empire and Vader retired to after the destruction of the first Death Star look no further than my LG’s doll house


So the real question now is do I join her and take a walk over to the darkside? I love her imagination and I certainly do not want to stop her personality from shining through, I do however want her to stop shouting big boy, and crazy women drivers out at random times, the truth is though this blatant disregard to “societies rules” is quite liberating. I love seeing the world through my LG’s eyes, she shouts at people in wheelchairs proudly that her daddy has one of them, and she applies logic that is intelligent yet crazy all at the same time. There is never a dull moment when she is around and she makes me smile and laugh and her mischievous ways are endearing and funny.

When my LG was born I was told I’d be wrapped around her finger and into all girly stuff. Maybe I have brought her over to the darkside with me? To date I have never seen frozen, although I can, and do (much to the embarrassment of my wife and son) sing Let it go all the way through and hold a good (well very loud) note if I do say so myself. I am also 18stone of shaved (ok bald mainly), beardedness with lots of tattoos of skulls and flames. My appearance certainly resulted in me being snubbed in several playgroups we attended together. That said the right balance in the force has now been found as daddy daughter cuddles are lovely, and for the past two weeks I have wandered around in flip flops with sparkly purple nail varnish, taking in playgroup and several days out!

3 thoughts on “Taking a walk over to the darkside of the force……………..

    1. Thank you, I feel sometimes that she misses out on so much fun with me not being able to do the things ‘normal’ dads do with their children. I try to make up for it in other ways but not sure I live up to the standards I set. Reading comments like yours really give me a boost 🙂

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  1. Don’t worry – it’s all part of toddler life. In 6 months’ time LG will have forgotten Cruella de Ville and be on about something else. When I was in Oz B was scared stiff he’d fall down the plughole and screamed when he went near the bath – last week I had a photo of the two of them sat in the bath covered in bubbles. Continue to instil the right social values and laugh inside – it’s all part of being a parent. I’ve a feeling LG will be well equipped to fight her own battles in life, whatever they may be.

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