………………………….this/yesterday evening was a fun evening spent with my friends sorting out our fantasy football auction. Most of us have now been friends for close to 20 years and for most of us our age/disability means we are not playing competitive football anymore (we originally worked together and set up the football team) we now get together to run our own fantasy league (courtesy of the Sun’s scoring system and a webpage created by one of my friends check out his company here http://veryselfish.net/ ).

What makes it exciting is that we hold an auction during which only one person gets to have the so called star players if they bid high enough for them. Unlike so many of the online games where you all end up with similar players by the end of the season this will never happen in our league and it keeps it fun and enjoyable throughout the year. Not only is there the league competition but we operate two cup competitions throughout the season. With an entry fee we play for an award pot of £250 each year and have an awards ceremony at the auction each year for the previous seasons winners.

I look forward to this every season as I get together with good friends (who unfortunately I do not see often enough the rest of the year, we are all busy parents/working), we have a laugh and a joke some great banter at the expense of others and for those that can drink a few beers too! It makes for a very enjoyable evening and I get to talk football in an environment that does not frustrate me for not being able to play anymore. Throughout the season we have two transfer windows and for me it is the most enjoyable fantasy football competition I do. Every year I go with a game plan and usually by the time goalkeepers have been purchased this has been torn up and thrown out the window. This years auction was no different and by the time we came to the first break in proceedings I had purchased my goalkeeper and that was it! I’d missed out on some of my key targets (although I thought I’d purchased some and then drifted and missed out on a few). At one point during the evening I was also so involved in everyone and what was going on that I drifted off and stopped bidding completely. The best bit about all this is that being with good mates, they did what all good friends should do and took the piss. I was jogged to make sure I was alright as those closest to me could see I was suffering but I was not taken pity on, just abused and laughed at. Last night I was “normal” amongst my friends got the same amount of stick as everyone else and really enjoyed myself. I was asked how my spoon count was doing and was reminded that I could ask others for lifts and help at the next get together! I am lucky that my friends read and understand my blog, and that despite how much I have changed in the time they have known me to them I am still just Seachy and abused accordingly!

I have been fairly successful so far in the Armchair Footy League ( http://armchairfooty.co.uk/ website if anyone wants to track progress for the 15/16 season) finishing third in my first two seasons, winning two of the cup competitions and last season finishing second in the league and runner up in one cup (my LG loves my trophies). I expect this bubble to burst at some point but the competitive player that is still in me hopes it is not this season. I have high hopes for a good season and have taken a risk on a couple of unknowns but you have to be in it to win it, I hope I have found the new Alexis Sanchez or Harry Kane…………………. My squad lines up as below and I have £7m of my £50m transfer budget to use in our first transfer window. I really hope that I am competitive during the season in either the league or one of the cups (winning doesn’t bother me, just to be competing all season so I can watch MotD with excitement each weekend) but most importantly for me was the fun I had last night. Yes I used up all my spoons and then some, yes I am suffering today, yes I will still be suffering tomorrow but hell it was totally worth it, I had a great night I laughed and had good banter with some great friends and it really is why I play every year. If it were not for the football I’d go years not seeing some of my closest friends as life for us all takes over and gets in the way, but the football brings us back in the same room. Thanks to everyone who was there, to Duncan for all his hard work on the website, to Chairman Rowan for organising and getting trophies made up each year, McD for the wooden spoon David McDonald trophy and for Matt for being the auctioneer on the night once again!

Manager: Seachy, Team Name: Flying Fuchs FC ( I was flying on my meds during the auction)


  1.  M Stekelenburg (Sot £3m)
  2.  C Azpilicuetta (Che £7m)
  3.  P Zabaleta (Man C £2m)
  4.  E Mangala (Man C £2m)
  5.  E Dier (Spurs £1m)
  6.  S Mane (Sot £1m)
  7.  S Cazorla (Ars £12m)
  8.  J Henderson (Liv £9m)
  9.  R Firmino (Liv £5m)
  10.  B Gomis (Swa £1m)
  11.  A Mitrovic (New £0m)

One last aside the Doghouse Bar where we held the function had great disabled access (although I understand they do have an upstairs and I didn’t see if there was a lift for that) but the ground floor where we were had plenty of room between tables to manouver through, a disabled toilet (key controlled) and blue badge parking nearby!

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