Day 15 – Positives

I certainly have a red bonce today.

  1.  Early start to get to Jimmy’s farm where I got to ride on a Tramp(er) all day long. Serious envy of a scooter with a lumbar support, walking stick holders, indicators, twin speed settings and a decent horn………………..
  2. Lunch at the restaurant where the food was amazing, we talked Unicorn poo (that was lovely) and I shocked the waitress by asking her for another child (what I meant was swap one, but her face didn’t see the funny side)
  3. Faced up to my fear and went in a butterfly farm, stayed in it for a while whilst hundreds were flapping around my head #happy dayd
  4. After lunch time meds and not being able to do den building I made a beeline for the only spot of shade I could see, even if this meant I ended u[ sleeping in the shadow of a giant pig (over 8 ft tall) fortunately nobody captured this on camera 🙂
  5. Was lovely to bump into a former colleague, retirement is treating you well V
  6. Saw Granny with the white for tea
  7. The football season kicked off again

A busy day, a wrecked body but lots of good memories and laughter.

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