Here I am stumbling along…………………..

Many  posts ago I told of a story about me having a bit of a trip whilst on my Pain Management Seminars. It is a hazard of the painful spasms I have in my back and throughout my limbs. I can happily be walking one minute and the next I’m hanging on to anything for dear life. Well this evening I was speaking to my LG and telling her that if she wanted to play it would have to be in the hot tub as I couldn’t get onto the floor to play with her.

I’d love to say I hopped out of my chair to go and get ready but the reality was more like I slowly inch by inch raised myself up and on to my walking sticks. I took two steps forward and then started to get severe pins and needles in my legs below the knees. As my mind and walking sticks continued to move forward my legs did not. Instead as my sticks went clattering down I found my face hurtling towards our hallway carpet. It is the only carpet we have not had replaced since revamping our bungalow and I have to say on closer inspection this evening it really could do with being replaced. The pattern is horrible and makes your eyes go fuzzy when you hurtle towards it, so not practical for an 18 year old lad coming home after nights on the lash, and it really is a bit tired and dated.

The upshot of this embarrassing situation was not only was my wife in our LG’s bedroom observing the whole sorry saga, but that I also had to admit that we need to do something about the hallway carpet. No one likes being embarrassed and having to admit they are wrong in the space of a few minutes do they. When I fell I managed to get myself wedged between the lounge door and my LG’s bedroom door. As I laid there flapping like a fish out of water my wife and my LG rushed to my side to make sure that I was not bleeding (probably on the freshly painted walls)

Trying to move me when I had no feeling in my legs was not easy and whilst my wife sat there massaging my lower legs my LG laid there cuddling my chest. It took my last few remaining spoons to sit myself upright and get up off the floor. I got changed and slumped into the hot tub for some well need relaxation and a bit of fun. The funny feeling in my leg  remained until I went to bed but I am happy to report this morning that both legs feel ok.

I would hope not to have any further reports of this nature but you just never can tell. I am working on my core stability in sessions with my physio and will look to include some legwork when capable of this too. I was lucky to escape with just a bit of a sore head and bump on it today, and the advantage of faceplanting was that my belly absorbed much of the impact so the bruising and damage was a lot less than could have been 🙂

Every cloud and silver and all that……………….

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