Day 25 – Positives

On this night 11 years ago I was out with my best friend, watching England beat the Ukraine 3-0 with goals from Becks, Owen and Wright-Phillips. We had a few beers at the snooker club and I eight balled him for the first time, I remember it as if it was yesterday, I remember it because it was the last time I saw him as he was cruelly taken from his family and friends later that night in the early hours of 19/08/04. So this evening my positives are all about the things we talked about over the years of our friendship.

  1. Stand By Me – by Ben E. King will always be your song, we borrowed it at our wedding and I will borrow it when my time comes too!
  2. I own a house in Wymondham and have children growing up who know/will know all about their Uncle Jamie
  3. I’d give anything to have one more day where you mock me over my mobility as I slur my speech at you again #recuperatingtogether
  4. You are commemorated in a tattoo, remembered fondly in my memories and “you know this”

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