Day 36 – Positives

It has been yet another busy day in the Seach household, one that as always I have contributed little too. It is a huge frustration when you can see the happy look on the faces of people and you are stuck indoors unable to help especially when I have been feeling low and grumpy through exhaustion, lack of sleep and all the other delights that chronic pain bring you.

  1. Woke to the another euromillions winning lottery email that’s a whole £9.80 this week!
  2. The wooden playhouse that is being lovingly restored and built courtesy of our LG’s Grannies, Nannies and Granddads is up and my wife who doesn’t know how to stop is painting (orange and pink our LG’s choices)
  3. Was lovely to have my bro and future sis-in-law round for lunch and dinner today, thanks for understanding I needed to be at home and driving back and forth to see me and look after Harvey Hound. For your help with the talk talk tv plus box, with the play house, washing up, and generally helping out with stuff at our house that I’ve been struggling to do.
  4. Enjoyed a brief tutorial from my bro on some of the capabilities of my camera, look forward to some more as we go out and about to try it ak,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nd of course source some Stag Do places and ideas…………
  5. Some strange decisions in the premier league today, not a lot of consistency across the referees but plenty of talking points!

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