Day 37 – Positives

Today has been a hard day and being positive, or committing to being positive on day’s like this is a real ball ache. My wife has been suffering with a migraine and it has made today tough nonetheless

  1. Cooked Spag Bol in the slowcooker for tea and froze two more meals worth
  2. Went shopping in Morrisons in my wheelchair with one of those funky trolleys) and was helped by a lovely lady who having asked for help to get down some pre-cut broccoli and cauliflower for dinner tomorrow (see spoonies using your top tips to save spoons), proceeded to look at my shopping list and told me what order to go round in and where else I’d need help. I knew this having used the shop many times before but she needn’t have gone out of her way to help in the first place nor in greater detail and it was lovely that she did
  3. Just placed a joint of pork in the slow cooker that should be ready in time to get up in the morning for lunch tomorrow
  4. Completed the above with only 4 arguments, 54 swear words and a weeks supply of meds. Now off to bed 😦 🙂

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