Day 38 – Positives

A tiring day of nothing. It is hard to understand how doing nothing can be tiring I grant you, but today that’s how I’ve felt. Not being able to get comfortable, a fuse that not even 007 would have disarmed and every piece of my body screaming at me. So what can possibly be positive about a day like today well;

  1. Cooked a lovely pork, mustard, thyme and oregano joint in the slow cooker to have with tonights dinner.
  2. With the unfortunate new about Wes Craven I was reminded about a funny story from when I was about 11 with some good friends and trying to impress some mates. It is funny how my mind can recall this, yet I need reminders and alarms all around the house for my meds, hospital appointments, making phone calls and any number of daily things
  3.  Paced peeling potatoes and parsnips for tea.
  4. Found some quality funny t-shirts with chronic pain and disability at their heart, might be time to branch out from my Star Wars ones!

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