Torn between two projects to sink my teeth into……………….

Those of you who have been reading my new series Let Battle Commence…………………….. are I hope waiting for part three. I certainly am enjoying writing it and challenging the barriers placed in front of disabled people everyday. Barriers that unless you actually walk/wheel a day in the shoes of a disabled person you truly cannot understand. Pre accident Neil worked daily in the gym and leisure centre with people with disabilities and thought I was very understanding and aware. Not until I have been faced to experience life daily have I been truly aware and I guess that is half the battle we face daily. I wouldn’t wish my pain or body on anybody, I would however love for more bureaucrats to really experience adversity. Anyway I digress and really do not wish to give too much of the story away.

So whilst I am starting to get my teeth into my next response and how to take things forward, whilst planning my next installment of the blog. I get an eagerly awaited email.

It is from a company called Albelli who every year I order multiple goods from. Calendars that you can upload, edit and narrate along with a yearbook that you can do the same with and that I create for our own family. They every so often send an email saying they will do free extra pages in these photobooks meaning an 120 page book containing usually between 600-1000 images costs £35 instead of £100. I have done one for the last two years and have started to produce back catalogues to capture the story of our lives together since 2004/5. With all the digital imagery we have to capture photos nowadays we rarely print them as we can view them online or on a variety of devices and photo albums are becoming a thing of the past. The books have a fantastic professional finish and sit proudly on our shelf and get looked at regularly, by us and family and friends. Well today checking my email the email and voucher code has arrived. Trouble is they come with one snag. The product has to be finished, uploaded and ordered by a certain date. Each photobook takes in excess probably of 100-150 hours for me to create especially with my pain and meds causing so much confusion etc. So now I am torn between the two.

Do I plough on with the “let the battle commence” blog, or creating the remaining photobooks (or at least one of them)? I am up to 2012 so have one more book to create before starting this years one and the calendars I make for us, our parents and one of our grandparents. If I go silent on here other than my positives for a short while please forgive me, the photobooks are an awesome keepsake and would be after our children the one thing we’d save in the event of a fire.

I will try to balance the two as the books themselves are incredibly painful to create and I contort myself into a number of seated and laying positions whilst creating them so I can only do them for a few minutes each hour. Do not worry I will finish all the stories.

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