Day 47 – Positives

I am struggling at present, with mood, pain and being positive so these are not earth shattering today

  1. Got up & Showered
  2. Got dressed
  3. Spoke to equal lives this morning about my issue with the park, very heplful watch this sapce
  4. Spoke to adult social services about adaptations and things that woul make my life easier, they will be in contact soon for an asseesment and to see how they can help life be a bit more normal. Watch this space…………..
  5. HAD MY SUPPORT GROUP THIS EVENING – yes I know this is in cps but this is always a very important and very big plus, just to be in a room and not to be judged is great, but to find out about all these other things such as the millennium fund, changing motability cars early, different types of wheelchair, slimming world and recipes, keep fat or do I mean fit for th disabled amongst other topics. You are all amazing people and I feel so lucky that our paths have crossed.

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