Anyone want to donate me a new kitchen……………………………

My family and friends will know that it is only 4 years since we moved into our house and had to put in a kitchen, primarily because the one that was there when we moved in looked like this, well like that with pine cladding over the messy walls.


At this point I had much more mobility and significantly less pain than I have now. Since I have always loved to cook, and found it a relaxing end to the day the kitchen and its function and usability has become increasingly important for me. The kitchen that we currently have looks like this, so we have utilised space by bricking up the external door and the door to the right that leads into the hall now is permanently locked and has my perching stool stored there.

My beautiful kitchen :-(
My beautiful kitchen 😦

When we first moved in the kitchen was lovely. I could easily reach everything and no grat distance was covered to get to the fridge and everywhere else. Now I rely on two small areas of the kitchen, my slow cooker and the perching stool and chopping board. The cupboards are all at the wrong heights, either too low to get things out of or too high to reach into, and to think we set it all at a non standard height when it was installed so that it helped me. I cannot bend nor lift to get hot things out of the oven and I don’t have the strength to lift boiling pans etc off the hob. So my beloved expensive (when first bought oven) sits and taunts me every time I walk in to the kitchen. The door handles smiling at me whilst the hob shines brightly.

Anyway today was roast day, and as I know my wife loves gammon it was roast gammon as a special treat. Only one thing when doing the weekly food list (yes I write a meal planner), with a memory like mine you have to or you’d simply forget to cook, defrost etc, etc. Having a meal planner is great, it saves on food waste, cuts down shopping bills, helps ensure a balanced diet and enables you to plan ahead. What it doesn’t do is prompt you to remember what you can and can’t do anymore

So having peeled potatoes and made the Yorkshire pudding mix that was  my capabilities of cooking a roast now done. Instead therefore my wife having a quiet afternoon resembled more of the krypton factor come Cbeebies in betwee. I spent the afternoon barking orders every few minutes can you do this can you do that. Cooking is no longer my thing, it is a frustrating chore and one that relies on me getting others to do more and more and me less and less. So in a non tv cowboy/bodge builder type plea anyone want to do me a new kitchen with raised cooker and contact areas to do my cooking in? No  didn’t think so but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

As Yoda once said, do or do not there is no try 🙂

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