Day 59 – Positives

Somebody said to me the other day when I was having a particular crap day that it is ok not to be positive all the time. Having now been writing these for over 400 days I thought what poppycock,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Its only now a few days later that I realise what she meant.  She wasn’t telling me to give in, or stop trying, or to even stop looking for the good in myself all the time, merely to accept that sad/bad things happen out of my control so that I take some of the pressure off of myself if I am having a particularly bad day. We live in an imperfect world, full of imperfect  people doing imperfect things, it dawned on me today what she meant. She meant it is ok to have an off day, to be sad or being uninspired. so finding positives is not always easy, especially on a day you’ve made your 4th trip to your chemists and your meds order is still wrong. Apologies to anyone who heard my outbursts there and at the prescription desk

  1. Saw my bro and sis in law at Playgroup this morning
  2. Playgroup organiser is keen to get a community project running putting in a path. He checked it out himself the other day and couldn’t believe there wasn’t one. So looks like fundraising if the council continues to be a let down.
  3. The idea of a disability access action group is gaining momentum in Wymondham so fingers crossed there too

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