Day 63 – Positives

Another recovery day, spent doing very little throughout the day saving spoons for my first Friday night out in goodness knows how many months. This evening we had a small gathering from our NACP group. Sally kindly hosted and cooked some amazing food (loved the chilli, the chicken was yummy too but it had bones – I don’t do meat with bones šŸ™‚ ) Entertainment for the evening in between the chatter was a fun quiz. The Lounge Lizards v The Wookiees needless to say the Wookiees won even if it was close. I will maintain bragging rights with Barbara for many months to come, still struggling to understand why I forget words in the middle of sentences and the names of people I’ve known for decades but I can remember, Harper Lee, 6 Toes and yet cannot remember the rest of the questions asked this evening……………….Still had a good laugh!

Home now, medicated for the evening and snuggled into my comfy chair. Hopefully it will not be too long before I get some rest. Nights out don’t half take it out of me even on coffee and fruit juice instead of vodka and coke……………………..

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