Day 66 – Positives

Definitely feeling worse for wear today after the forest, even with a long soak last night, nonetheless Monday morning was very much a case of grit your teeth, smile and carry on.  Still the weather made it another lovely day and I do find daft as it sounds the sun raises peoples spirits and makes others a little more accepting and polite

  1. The Early years part 4 was collected this morning making all photos from our time together as a family from around 2004/5 right up to the beginning of 2015 are now in treasured keepsake books
  2. Finished off another photo project I have been working on and super excited about it
  3. Got to play Fireman Sam with my LG making up stories with her figures.
  4. Enjoyed a good sleep this afternoon I was exhausted and my pain through the roof after playgroup this morning, but thanks to some very kind friends helping me out whilst we were there, and the ever helpful team of volunteers our LG got to enjoy playgroup and had lots of fun with her friends. I know us parents gush about all our children but my LG really is amazing, not only does she help care for me, this shows in her whole demeanour when she was playing with some younger children, having lots of fun with her friends and she also sat and played with a baby B and gave one little one who was crying an assortment of toys to make them smile. Was super proud, even if she did then choose to sit with her friend Priya and her mummy at song time (snubbed my singing already)

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