Day 71 – Positives

Now who says a positive mental attitude doesn’t work, I was positive today was going to better and I was right.

  1. I was out with my crutches first time today, it is strange walking with them as I walked upright for the first time in close to a decade, not the greatest feeling in the world but physio did warn it would be a painful adjustment!
  2. Had a a lovely family lunch with my wife’s side of the family. A last minute change of venue and we stumbled on a real gem, lovely food, excellent attentive staff and a lovely little pets corner for the little ones. Not overly disabled friendly indoors as there are a number of floors in a typical old building with extensions however a purpose built ramp has been created all the way along the outside to access each area so of dining, pub, toilets etc so they have done as much as they can.
  3. Had a lovely visit to our friends and their two boys afterwards. Total madness when the kids get together it is lovely to see. They don’t even mind me dozing in their comfy chair whilst I’m there!

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