Yet more frustration at a simple request…………………This time Boots

So below, if I have done this correctly is a link to the Boots Pharmacy UK page in Facebook. I have just been in to collect my 5 prescription medicines from my local store. Instead of going through the hassle of getting my wheelchair out I thought I’d do my 5 minutes of walking exercise using my two crutches to get them as you can park right outside the store. When they were ready they were passed to me in a a paper bag without a handle. I asked for a carrier bag and a huge debate arose about this new 5p rule. I tried explaining that the charge is exempt for prescription medicines, and what did they expect me to do carry the bag in my mouth.

Eventually I was given a carrier bag that I could hang on one of my crutches, I have just explained about this on the Boots Facebook page and shared this article from the BBC in which it clearly states Prescription Medicines are exempt from the charge, presumably to avoid the embarrassment I have just gone through, if you are so inclined and my embedding has worked and the link takes you to the Facebook page and not the BBC article please keep liking and sharing the post in the hope that Boots Stores across the UK do not embarrass someone else like they did me this morning

One thought on “Yet more frustration at a simple request…………………This time Boots

  1. i have a carrier bag story Neil….. i was in Savers in Thetford on thursday and they asked me if i would like a bag (it would be 5p) i said no thank you i have one, so i pulled my “poundland” carrier bag from my handbag and the cashier said to me “we can’t have our products in a poundland bag you can have one of ours for free” . I wasn’t sure what to make of this but there is obviously a bit of carrier bag snobbery there lol x


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