Day 81 – Positives

Another day of suffering and doing nothing so some pretty boring positives to most, but huge to me on days like yesterday

  1. Showered
  2. Dried and dressed with a little bit of help
  3. Helped my LG get dressed
  4. Arranged to see what we hope will be her school next month eek she’s not even 3 yet #growupslowly #letchildrenplay
  5. Got a phone call from my pain management team yesterday, there’s been a cancellation in one of their psychology clinics that I have been frantic about getting into. Now the appointment has been confirmed spent half the night worrying about the appointment, knowing I need to be honest but terrified about doing that to a stranger……………..

2 thoughts on “Day 81 – Positives

  1. Yes, but to a stranger who will have heard a lot worse, no doubt, and who is trained to deal with it and help you….Good luck, I hope it lives up to expectations.

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