So today was a breakthrough day for me on two massive fronts.

  1. I went to a specialist yoga class for chronic pain sufferer’s set up by a lady from my support group and the active Norfolk fun and fit programme. I did the class in my wheelchair and the bits I could. Best of all I was embarrassment free due to the supportive people around me.
  2. Had a lovely coffee and gossip afterwards. D,J & S thanks for the advice about the afternoon appointment
  3. This afternoon I spent nearly an hour and a half with Dr B my chronic pain specialist psychologist in a one 2 one session. I was nervous about going and scared about being honest with someone. I have to say I was really proud of myself and thoroughly pleased with the outcomes of the session. Looking forward to the next one in three weeks time. I realised in this session that I have got in the habit of doing these positives, just for the sake of doing them, and not because they really were/are giving me a positive list. That’s not to say I haven’t done the things I’ve said, more that the reason for it was habit as opposed to truly believing and being proud and positive in my achievements, so expect some changes over the coming weeks.

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