Day 87 – Positives

I have survived today. It has been very long, stressful and painful, from 8.00am this morning when frustratingly the Odeon wouldn’t let me book disabled and non disabled seats at the same time meaning I missed out on Star Wars tickets for the midnight showing. To the talk talk people who have scrambled my home phoneline so I cannot make outgoing calls. Motability who were very helpful and understanding of me spasming and stuttering throughout my phone call with them. Having a fleeting visit from my niece and my LG being at home all day as my parents babysat whilst I worked through my checklist of tasks, helped me with words when I got mental block and everything else.

I feel as though I have run an Iron Man, I can’t sit or lay comfortably, typing this is excruciating and my mind will not stop swirling nonsense. I am well and truly fu@ked yet cannot switch off. I am however saying goodnight and being proud that I have survived today without losing my temper (just) and that is enough for me!

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