Day 91 – Positives

Today has been one of those days that I’ve enjoyed but have also felt guilty about all at the same time. We had some chores to do in town so the boss was pushing me in my manual wheelchair as it is a lot less hassle than getting the scooter out. So that means her pushing over double her own bodyweight on her days off. Days off if you can call being washer woman, climbing frame and playmate to our LG and official fatboy pusher. As a treat we stopped off for lunch in a local cafe. Only to realise they only took payment in cash, at which point she became sprinter in the pouring rain. So after all this and more washing this afternoon I dozed and spasmed on the sofa. Where is this positive going, In truth I’m not sure guess I just want to say I wouldn’t be half the man I am without family around me.

This evening we’ve enjoyed a takeaway, some luscious Desserts and great company with my dad celebrating his 60th, my mum and my sister and brother in law. I posted this picture on Facebook recently and I know those who will continue to push me


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