The downside of Yoga on me

This is a piece from one of my fellow spoonies, and sums up quite well how different yet the same we all are, how important our network of support has become and highlights how differently we all view ourselves as opposed to how others view us. To me Jezza the author is a strong person, with great family and so much better off than me. I am costing my family a fortune in aids etc and he gives his family the most expensive yet precious gift of all his time. We all view ourselves as our worst own enemies but sometimes we need to be gentler on our own self criticism.

life,s a beech

I am a member of a wonderful support group for sufferers of chronic pain. We have all attended a pain management program at the hospital.

It was wonderful to find people who actually understand what it is like to live with pain all of the time. Some of them have like me been living with pain for many years. When I say wonderful I do not mean in any way that I am glad that they feel pain too. It is just that there are people who understand me. They know what it is like to feel the things I feel. They support me in ways that others cannot. That is no disrespect to my wife, who knows me better than most people. God knows she has kept me sane through some very dark times indeed.

Our group meet monthly and I look forward to our meetings very much. We…

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