Just a brief blog tonight as it has been a hectic weekend celebrating my dads 60th birthday, autumn strolls (well scoots is that a verb/word) and I’m bushed. Late nights don’t help when you do not sleep well, and clock changes well fecking hell if there ever was a reason for not changing clocks it is chronic pain and two year old toddlers who have no concept of time.

Being married to superwoman who cannot sit still even on her days off meant that since we were all up a walk in the woods was decided as a way to make the most of the early start. I insisted on a fry up to start the day so we went twenty minutes down the road where we could get both.

I packed (well superwoman) up the trusty scooter unsure how it would cope on the wet ground, dug out the winter coat and obligatory beanie (with my head of hair you need a selection) and we set off. Three small breakfasts (I am desperately trying to lose some weight after all) and we set off on the nature trail. Possibly our favourite bit of the forest we go to as no one else seems to use it. Took some snaps including as always the obligatory scooter cam shot and we came back home. No more than about 2 hours in the open air and togged up like it was Alaska. This the man who used to live in shorts and t-shirts for 11 months of the year.

Since returning home I have looked like a 95 year old man who can’t afford the heating on wrapped up in throws, hoodies and coffee supplied by the vat (well that’s another exaggeration I can’t lift them) but anyway you get the drift. 5 hours later and finally my back feels fairly warm again. Yes as if you don’t have enough things to deal with as a spoonie cold weather, even sunny this time of year there is a lot moisture in the air and that seems to penetrate my spine like a hot knife through butter! So one more thing to add to the list, the cold! That said got some lovely photos just paying a huge price,but that is life isn’t you trade one thing for another

SAM_6268 SAM_6250 (2) SAM_6264 SAM_6246 (2) SAM_6252

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