Day 95 – Positives

Today has been yet another very tiring day but this was filled with some positives. Did my Pain Management Support Group yoga (hard going and did less than 50% of it) but still getting out and seeing them always raises my spirits. The advancements that some people have made over only 3 weeks is phenomenal and I’m so pleased. Was also lovely to meet a new group member H today for the first time.

Afterwards we had coffee and being half term many of us had our partners and children there and it was lovely for them to meet one another. My LG as usual was shy for about 30 seconds and then went nutty. Fighting with my lightsaber pen, making farmyards and chatting away. One member was surprised that she is only 2, I did however ask her when she will be three (it will only be a few weeks) to which she looked at B and went on my next birthday. She makes me and everyone else today laugh lots even when it is painful.

Having an understanding support group and getting to know each other has really helped me and I so pleased to have met everyone, and to have supportive people around me. The small yoga movements are good, strength work is beyond me at present but breathing techniques and especially the square breathing today were really good. Was lovely to go back to one of the group members for lunch so I had plenty of time to relax and rest before heading home. Thanks J,A & T lunch was lovely.

Finally on the way home my LG had me laughing as she said along the lines of “daddy I love Star Wars so why can’t I do Yoda with you all next time”

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