Sporting Prowess in the fantasy world

Every year a group of mates and I play a fantasy football league run by auctions so that we don’t all end up with the same players etc as it makes it boring. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes from a few of the organisers and this is excellent and appreciated. There are various competitions throughout the season and awards at the end of the season. I love it as it is the one day of the year (auction day) that I meet up with people who knew pre accident me, who played sport with me, partied and danced the weekends away and had some great times together. We are all big football fans and a lot of research and planning goes into how we’re going to do the auction (which usually goes out the window the minute the auction starts).

What proves this is just really a game of luck is that one of the people who have played in the past set up an ESPN fantasy league for the rugby world cup. Now I know very little about the game with Odd Shape Balls (my team name) and therefore there was little thinking behind choosing my teams and it was only the results throughout the tournament that shaped my substitutions. Now with limited knowledge and some really lucky picking I managed to win this league quite comfortably and ahead of a few avid rugger fans bragging rights for me yes but proof that at times too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing hehehe!

So to me the winner, nothing more than bragging rights and perhaps a more relaxed fly by the seat of your pants style at next seasons football auction.

Congratulations to my mate Kiwi and your fellow countrymen/women the best team won the tournament if not the best manager winning our league!

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