Day 99 – Positives

There is one day to go until the first big milestone of this years positives and they reach treble figures. I have to say I am pleased with the changes I have made with to them since meeting with Beth. Today has been one of those days where once again I have done very little with pain dictating the day. Our LG wanting to be quiet and watch movies this afternoon snuggled on the sofa – not with me as mummy was at home.

Still today’s is two fold, firstly with a lot of help from my wife we axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcooked my own recipe carbonara tagliatelle with home made cheese sauce (add whisking to the list of tasks I can no longer do) despite this I helped make tea.

Secondly I had a good chat with my big bro tonight, after many a night on the beers, working together and generally getting up to much craziness we know each other well, the good and the bad aspects of ourselves, our inner thoughts and connecting just by typing or seeing one another raises a smile. Today was no different and we were soon typiiiiiiiing away to each other – not for long as I couldn’t but was good to speak to Mr B – looking forward to his wedding next year already!

PS you may be able to tell I nodded off a few times typing this ooops!

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