Blogging 101 Assignment 1 – Who am I

I’m new to blogging and I have signed up to a blogging course to help with the flow/purpose of my blog etc. The first task is to introduce myself and my blog.

I’m Seachy a 30 something father of two who has been on a journey of self discovery over the past year and a half. I was involved in a life changing accident 13 years ago this month and have really only started to accept my disability and limitations this last year, primarily because I believed acceptance meant giving up. I have attended a chronic pain management clinic and 10 week intensive seminar programme to help me come to terms with who I am and what I have to offer the world. As part of the course my Pain Psychologist suggested a diary but I knew I wouldn’t keep it up so I decided to blog and put it oit there in the public domain as I knew I was more likely to keep writing it. My  pain levels mean some days I do not blog and others it may only be short amounts but it is a positive step that I am still blogging.

I blog mainly about life as a disabled dad, overcoming barriers and hurdles, support I have, daily positives I achieve and about places I have visited that are/are not particularly wheelchair and disabled friendly. I hope to raise awareness of chronic pain and most importantly to help others along their own journeys and to take those first small steps in helping themselves.

I have a tendency to waffle and go off at tangents and this is my mind and pain meds as much as it is my personality. I would love to connect with other chronic pain and disabled people and raise awareness of what it is like living in the 21st century as a disabled parent. The UK believes after the success of London 2012 that we all know everything and are totally accepting as a nation but this isn’t the case. I want to try and steer away from just whining and actually be pro-active in raising awareness of what it is like to have an invisible disability.

Sometimes I joke, sometimes I rant but it all comes from the same place my heart, which I wear proudly on my sleeve, something men don’t always find easy to do!

I have started to enjoy photography as I can do this from my wheelchair or mobility scooter so sometimes I will share my photos and hope for positive comments and constructive feedback (after all I am learning the art of photography to). I have no time for trolls but just hope that if I keep up blogging if I have made just one person smile, reevaluate their contribution to life and accept that their disability does not define them then I will be happy, so only a small target!

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