Day 103 – Positives

Today I am avoiding using my session with Dr B as my positive because I am blogging about it separately, it was incredibly emotional and positive however it would be cheating to use it and not what the positives are for now, they are for me to find that moment in my day that Dr B said makes me smile when I speak about it. Today it was getting home from the hospital and my LG after calming down told me that she missed me and loved me lots like jelly tots. She then sat on my lap and read Sam’s Sandwich – a children’s book that I loved reading to my younger brother when he was growing up and to her. Being like her dad and stubborn she refused to let me read the rhyming words, but instead read her version. This was followed up by the 4 of us having a family takeaway for tea sat together in the lounge talking about our day. Simple things, I but can say it was lovely and it seems like ages since we did it.

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