Day 104 – Positives

So these are being written a day late as I was exhausted yesterday. Having had two window salesmen come round I was mentally shattered, I have to sat though I explained about my disability and all the medication that I take and they pretty much listened to what I said, were here a short amount of time, measured up, showed us the windows and left without any fuss.

Following this we’d promised to take our LG to see some fireworks at the local rugby club. After all the recent rain my scooter wouldn’t get across the grass so I parked up outside the clubhouse on concrete and my wife and LG went off exploring and on the bouncy castle and some fairground rides. This was a big thing for me as I knew I would bump into some former school friends and that it would be the first time that they would have seen me on my scooter but I did it! Being parked where I was meant I was under the pergola so when the rain came we were able to stay dry and we were right next door to the coffee stall to keep us warm. Our LG was very good especially since the fireworks were late being set off. The only frustration was that I had my Harry Potter invisibility cloak on so was constantly bumped into, tripped over and moaned at whilst we were sat waiting for the fireworks.

The display lasted a long time and was excellent value for money, we all enjoyed it and it was a credit to Wymondham, the Rugby Club and all the volunteers who helped on the night. I have to say the people of Wymondham also redeemed themselves as several stopped and gave way to me as I manouvered with thousands of others leaving after the display. I was shattered and in agony by the time we got home but the smile on my LG’s face and cuddling up with my wife in front of the TV once we got home made the day extra special, even if I paid for it overnight with less sleep than normal if that was even possible.

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