Double Glazing Reps Do Good

We need three knew windows in our bungalow and we have delayed purchasing them for two winters now, and we really didn’t want the third. Trouble is having done cold calling sales albeit in a different industry I know all the tricks in the trade to keep people interested and “objection handling” and every other trick in the book. I also know that with my pain and my medication my mind does not work like it used to and I can’t take in all the information I am being told. I need time to read through stuff, digest the information and think of any questions I need to ask. This is especially difficult when half the time I can’t even remember the words to the questions that I want to ask and I get angry and frustrated as my brain frantically searches for it.

Now I wasn’t alone when they visited I never am for appointments unless I have reams of information in front of me and questions written down by my wife to ask. She was here as was my little girl and she is perfectly capable of making decisions (my wife that is) but we wanted to talk things through together and she understands my needs to digest information.

We had two companies who we had arranged to come and see us yesterday Anglian Windows and Safestyle UK, I spent 15 minutes yesterday creating a spreadsheet to take down the prices of the window and what the price included. I couldn’t remember a simple sum total formula and having created it I was wrecked and promptly fell asleep for a pacing power nap.

As each company in turn arrived my wife met them at the door and then my LG went into her crazy show off self. They then came through to me and I introduced myself to them. I explained about my disability and my complex medication and how it confuses me and that I was going to be honest and up front with them and that was that we would be signing nothing today. What we wanted was for them to measure up, show us their windows and give us a demonstration of the locks and key benefits be here no more than 45 minutes – 1 hour and to give us their best quote that would be valid for a couple of weeks so that we can make a decision. The first question both companies asked was were we looking for finance and we said no we will pay for them in full.

After this they did as they were asked and were on the whole very understanding. Anglian windows answered my questions and didn’t mind me getting stuck on words and even second guessed one of the questions I was struggling to get out about insurance standards. They didn’t quote on the day but instead agreed to let me rest and said he’d email a quote over.

Safestyle, being a big national company were a bit more pushy, but after I reiterated, my alarm went off for my medication and then when my wife brought my box through and he clocked just how many different tablets there were he slowed down and listened. He explained the costings, and their discount advertised based on the 55% off on the TV advert. He then applied an additional discount based on my disability and left us a quote, he also quoted for them to put in place metal lintels that we are not sure if are already there, but either way the companies can do the work and will send a surveyor out to confirm.

I have to say so many people are given bad reviews nowadays that I just wanted to write about some positive salesmen. I understand they have jobs and livings to make but they were also understanding of me. Well done to both companies!

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