Day 105 – Positives

So yesterdays positive was a massive one for me, it has taken me all day to recover from it enough to type it but that’s what happens when you use all your spoons. Two very good friends A & D and my son took me to the snooker club. Now I have been going there for nearly 25 years and have very fond memories of a misspent youth, many nights around the pool  table and listening to the jukebox and some great times with my best mate Jamie who passed away far too young. His last night in fact was spent with me down there where I took this picture (on an old mobile phone it was 11 years ago) having 8 balled him at pool hours before he passed away.

My best mate Jamie hours before he passed away
My best mate Jamie hours before he passed away

The club will therefore always have a very special place in my heart, trouble is to get down there and play now I require my wheelchair, it’s not the easiest place in the world for me to take it (stupid mental block over pre-accident Neil) however another good mate even though he supports them Canaries S has really helped me get over my fears and get down there. Last night it was fun striking a few snooker balls and having a couple of drinks like old times, even better that my son got to be there too. I have certainly paid the price today, struggled to move and do anything, had several periods of numb feet and hands and spent a good few hours in the hot tub, all whilst my wife cleared up the bomb site that was our house following the dads having it as the house of fun and the kids having sparklers and film night Return of the Jedi when the mums/wives/bosses got home from a spending spree in the city.

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